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Metabolic Testing

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What is Metabolic Testing?

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Breath analysis metabolic testing provides the gold standard for measuring metabolic rate. By measuring the ratio of O2 consumed to CO2 expired, the proportion of fat:carbohydrate burned and overall metabolic rate can be derived.

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Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) and Active Fitness (VO2 Max) Testing provide complementary information. RMR testing reveals your cellular efficiency at rest. VO2 Max testing reveals your true heart rate zones and which system is your limitation - cardiovascular, respiratory, or muscular.


Metabolic testing provides an essential piece to understanding your own unique physiology. Whether your goals are weight loss, energy optimization, longevity, or elite athletic performance, breath analysis testing is a must to reaching your goals.

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PNOE is the first portable clinical-grade metabolic analyzer. This type of technology was previously only available at certain medical, military or sports performance facilities and was often cost-prohibitive. Now, with the help of PNOE and a trained Exercise Physiologist health professional, YOU can access and benefit from this information and take charge of your metabolic health!

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